Vitold and Bogna Jordan serve as Pastors/Counselors’ at Yeshua House of Healing, and also as a Chaplain to WCC-Yukon.  Vitold is an ordain Christian Minister/Pastor - VNTF-Int., Texas, 2001, and holds the Master Degree in Theology (AAAT-2001).

They are living with their four children - Ester, Yoshua,  Ari and Ruben in Whitehorse, Yukon, Their teaching’s focus is on: wholeness, healing and healthy lifestyle, relation between body/mind/spirit, and leadership, family values, transformation of the inner-man, spiritual warfare, prayer and believer’s victorious position in Christ, and giving counseling.  They are also promoting the Art of Yeshua-Do through seminars, courses, and workshops. Vitold is the head instructor at the Yukon Academy of Martial Arts and the President of Christian Martial Arts Association – International, where he teaches a nonviolent approach to the conflict resolution. His motto is: “The Way of the Warrior is to Stop Trouble Before it Starts”.

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