The teaching at the Yeshua House of Healing is focused on:

  1. Foundation and Doctrine of Christian Faith

v  Founded On The Rock

v  God's Plan of Salvation (Through Repentance To a Living Faith)

v  The Bible: Authority And Power Of God’s Word

v  Understanding the Nature of God: The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit

v  Baptisms (Immersion In Water & Immersion In The Spirit)

v  Worship & Prayer

v  Evangelism

v  Faith And Works

v  Transmitting God’s Power

v  At The End Of Time (the Second Coming of Christ)

v  Resurrection Of The Body

v  Final Judgment


  1. Healing & Deliverance



  1. Moral and Ethical Conduct - Holiness, Charity, Justice & Righteousness



  1. Leadership



  1. Spiritual Gifts

  2. v  Receive The Holy Spirit

    v  Baptism In The Holy Spirit: Goal Or Gateway

    v  Nine Supernatural Gifts (Gifts That Cannot Be Earned)

    v  The Nature of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (Limitations of Spiritual Gifts)

    v  Interpreting And Prophesying

    v  Vocal Gifts

    v  How To Exercise Interpretation And Prophecy

    v  Gifts Of Power And Revelation


  1. Healthy Life-style and Fitness

v  God's Plan For Healing Our Bodies


  1. Family Values and Integrity


  1. Power Evangelism and Revival



  1. Prophetic

v  How to Approach Biblical Prophecy

v  Fierce Times To Come (Pressures, Tests And Challenges)

v  First Discover The “Spine”

v  True Spiritual Authority vs. Counterfeit Spiritual Authority

v  Four Categories Of People Impacted By Christ’s Return

v  You Can Come Through Victorious

v  How to Enter Into This Life Of Fulfillment

v  Why We Need Prophets Today

v  Growing in Spiritual Sensitivity

v  Levels of Interpretation

v  Interpretation of Dreams and Visions

v  Prophesy and Spiritual Warfare

v  Watchman on the Wall (Vigilant Warriors)

v  Speak Words of Life


  1. Spiritual Warfare  & Power of Prayer

v  How To become a Mighty Warrior in Prayer

v  Secret To Spiritual Growth

v  Intimacy Awakens the True Prayer

v  Prayerlessness is Sin

v  Praise and Worship

v  Listening Before Speaking

v  Welcome To the Throne

v  You Must Prevail Before God

v  The Dynamic of Faith

v  The Dynamic of Desire

v  The Dynamic of the Spirit

v  The Dynamic of Perseverance

v  The Dynamic of Unity/Agreement

v  Secret of Fasting (Powers From Within)

v  How to Carry Burden

v  Wrestling in Prayer

v  Strategies in Prayer Warfare

v  Proclamations

v  Dangers in Prayer Warfare

v  How To Bind Satan

v  The Militant Use of Yeshua's Name!

v  How To Pledge Before God

v  Victories Prayers

Christ is not valued at all unless He is valued above all !
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